CIFAL Philippines

WEBINAR: The Young in the Face of COVID-19: Impacts on Children and Youth’s Well-being and Safety

Date: 16 June 2020

Time: 3:00 PM (Manila time)


Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected individuals of all ages globally. Children and youth are no exception. In the Philippines, the suspension of classes in schools and universities, particularly in areas affected by the lockdown or community quarantine, has forced many young people to stay home.

However, prolonged periods of closures and socialization restrictions can be challenging for young people. The lack of face-to-face engagement with their peers has also left children and youth with no choice but to rely on digital platforms to connect with their friends and families, and to ease boredom. Yet there are also risks in being exposed to these online platforms.

With a great uncertainty about COVID-19, various challenges may rise not only in terms of learning but also in young people’s well-being and (online) safety. Hence, it is important to recognize young people’s situation in this time of pandemic to ensure that they are coping and getting support while dealing with the health crisis.