CIFAL Philippines


As part of its mandate to build the capacities of local authorities in the fields of migration, gender and sustainable development, UP CIFAL Philippines has developed three training courses outlined below:


Migration Crisis Management 

This program provides a comprehensive intervention to enable various sectors to understand the fundamentals of migration crises and how to effectively respond to the different phases of crisis. The training also introduces global- and country-level management frameworks, describes different types of crisis, and discusses operational protocols, strategic networks and resource requirements, as well as management competencies necessary for effective migration crisis response.


Migration Data Analysis

The program offers an appreciation of international migration data collection, utilization, and analysis with the end goal of teaching policymakers and other stakeholders the value of statistics in policy formulation and program development, whether at the local, national or regional level. The course focuses especially on migration-related SDG, target and indicators.


Dynamics of Gender and Sustainable Development 

This training course emphasizes that “the feminization of labor migration” is a sharp indicator of why women matter in all levels of development planning. It also proposes that the intersection of gender, labor governance, and international migration must be a central component of policy formulation toward achieving the targets of sustainable development goals. The program discusses the general situation of female workers and analyzes the opportunities and vulnerabilities associated in working for various industries and service sectors.