CIFAL Philippines

UP CIFAL Philippines, as one of only four CIFAL centers hosted by an academic institution and which is affiliated to the UN Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) , is dedicated to conducting research and capacitating government agencies and the youth on its thematic focus areas of migration, gender equality and sustainable development. For 2018, the center is undertaking the following initiatives:


Data Snapshot on Korean Migration to the Philippines

UP CIFAL Philippines initiated a pilot study on the Korean migration to the Philippines by consolidating current and unpublished data from the different government agencies in the country and South Korea. This pilot study was released on July 31, 2018 in a data snapshot form to communicate the results to different readers (from researchers and development practitioners to the public). The data snapshot outlines the profile of the Korean migrants in the Philippines, the typology and drivers of their migration, their geographical distribution in the country, and some key challenges in migrating to the Philippines.


Philippine Outlook on Migration and Gender Equality

In March 2018, UP CIFAL Philippines convened a group of migration professionals to discuss the outlook for the country’s diaspora. In this meeting, the group identified the so-called “big questions” that must be answered and that correspond to the most pressing issues that confront Overseas Filipinos, most especially workers in vulnerable sectors.

One key recommendation that was raised during the March meeting was the need to formulate a migration outlook that will chart the commitments and actions necessary for the Philippines to encourage the reintegration of migrants and fully realize the development potential of migration.


Proposed Professional Master in Migration Studies and Certificate Course on Global Migration

UP CIFAL Philippines and the UP Diliman Asian Center submitted a curricular proposal establishing a Professional Master in Migration Studies to the University’s Social Sciences and Law Cluster on February 26, 2018.

The two institutions developed an interdisciplinary professional degree program that provides both theoretical and practical understanding of migration in the context of sustainable development.

A social laboratory project will be submitted by graduate students as a capstone of the program. This project will allow students to apply what they have learned in the core and specialization courses and explore appropriate and innovative solutions to the complex issues of migration specific to their chosen agency or locality.

In addition, UP CIFAL Philippines is crafting a professional certificate course on global migration, with a possibility of collaborating with UNITAR and CIFAL Asia Pacific Network. The certificate course aims to offer a wide range of topics dealing with Sustainable Development Goal 10.7, “facilitating safe, orderly, regular and responsible migration” following international agreements and frameworks while recognizing rules of law and due processes of origin and host countries. This will be useful for public servants, professionals, academics and advocates interested in the global migration and sustainable development.


Webinars, lectures, round table discussions, and forums

For 2019, UP CIFAL Philippines will host webinars, lectures, round table discussions, and forums on emerging and salient issues. Updates on events will be posted on the announcements page and on UP CIFAL Philippines’ Facebook page.