CIFAL Philippines

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System Regulatory Office (MWSS RO) was created by virtue of the Concession Agreement (CA), under the supervision of the MWSS Board of Trustees. Its function generally is to monitor the CA, such as rate determination, service obligation targets and evaluation of the Concessionaires’ (Manila Water and Maynilad) performance concerning such service obligations. The Concessionaires are the ones directly responsible in the delivery of water, sewer and sanitation services to customers in Metro Manila, Rizal and some parts of Cavite (the MWSS Concession Areas).

The MWSS RO is commissioning the services of a third party service provider to undertake the bi-annual Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS). This is in compliance with the performance rating agreement of the MWSS RO with the Government Commission for GOCCs (GCG). In 2nd Semester of 2018, the bi-annual CSS of the MWSS RO was conducted by the University of the Philippines – Centre International de Formation des Autorites et Leaders (UP CIFAL) which dealt on the assessment of the customers’ level of satisfaction on the services directly rendered by the concessionaires to their respective customers on the premise that satisfied customers reflect good regulation.

The main objective of the CSS is to determine the perception of its stakeholders, namely: Maynilad, Manila Water and its customer with regards to its dealing with MWSS RO.

  • Obtain information on the perception of Maynilad and Manila Water regarding its dealing with MWSS RO.
  • Gather information from the customers on the water service rendered by the Concessionaires under its jurisdiction.
  • Establish areas of improvement on the performance of the Concessionaires in terms of delivery of water service.

The conduct of the CSS aims to gather information in customers’ needs, expectations, and issues; and identify potential problems and challenges concerning above matters for the formulation of new as well as the improvement / enhancement of the existing policies and standards to ensure that Customers receive the highest quality service.

Stakeholders’ Satisfaction Survey

In compliance with the requirement of the Governance Commission on GOCCs to conduct customer and/or stakeholder satisfaction surveys by independent third parties, the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) seeks to determine the level of satisfaction of its stakeholders on MWSS’ collaborative efforts and services with them;

The MWSS recognizes stakeholders as vital partners in the achievement of its respective goals;

The conduct of the client satisfaction survey or a stakeholders’ satisfaction survey is a vital process for the MWSS because it will serve as their guidepost to better understand the needs of its clients/stakeholders and determine how to serve them better;

The MWSS, through its MWSS-Corporate Office (MWSS-CO) has requested UP through its UP-CIFAL Philippines to provide technical assistance in the conduct of the stakeholders’ satisfaction survey for 2020;

The UP-CIFAL Philippines, conducted the 2016, 2018, and 2019 survey for MWSS. Having the same willingness and the competence, it is wherewithal to conduct the survey for Calendar Year 2020.