CIFAL Philippines is dedicated to help build the capacity of governments and other stakeholders to mainstream, implement and review Agenda 2030, a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity. For 2017, the Centre has developed several programs to help raise awareness about the Global Goals among the different sectors of Philippine society.



2030 is a web series jointly conceptualized by CIFAL Philippines and jointly developed with the 2030 Youth Force in the Philippines and Television UP (TVUP), an online video platform of the University of the Philippines. The series will introduce the Sustainable Development Goals to the Philippine youth and provide a platform for organizations and individuals to share how they contribute to the attainment of the SDGs. An initial lineup of six episodes will be launched by mid-year on TVUP.


Town Hall Series on the Sustainable Development Goals

Cities are engines for sustainable development and prosperity, and local leaders are increasingly leading the march towards lasting solutions to problems caused by rapid urbanization. With the Town Hall Series on the SDGs, CIFAL Philippines aims to help local government officials and staff appreciate the Global Goals and align these with existing and future policies and programs. A key objective of the series is to enable public servants to recognize that Agenda 2030 is not a alienating plan that only concerns the United Nations and other international entities. Rather, they will be capacitated to understand that their own plans and aspirations, both on the personal and institutional levels, are in line and part of this global plan of action. For 2017, four Town Halls are scheduled in four cities across the Philippines: Quezon City in May, Naga City in July, Iloilo City in August, and Cagayan de Oro City in December.


Road Safety Awareness Campaign and Multi-Stakeholder Conference

CIFAL Philippines supports UNITAR’s Road Safety Initiative for Cities. The Centre is committed to raising awareness of pedestrians’ and motorists’ rights by working with schools, universities, the media, government, civil society and the private sector to disseminate information on practices and policies that will make streets safe and accessible to all. CIFAL Philippines’ information campaign will run from July to October and will culminate with UNITAR’s Road Safety Multi-Stakeholder Conference in Manila in November.

Learn more about UNITAR’s Road Safety Initiative here.